Some people really are worth the wait

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Some people really are worth the wait

I sort of apologize in advance, this post is a little rant-y. On the other hand, I make no apologies for my stance and feelings on this issue. While I have no expectations that morality is going to make a comeback anytime soon, it drives me batty that now not only are moral stances no longer respected in the media, they have been made into a cover up for other sin! Allow me to give some background.

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I do catch a few shows online from time to time, hoping against hope that there is some form of entertainment that isn’t filth. I am often disappointed. But recently a few shows have aired that at least weren’t quite so in your face filth. A few months ago I started watching a new show set in the early 60′s (I guess that was a bad sign to begin with). While character romances are a large part of the plot, there are also other twists and turns that make it interesting.

Two episodes ago I was pleasantly surprised when a new character implied that she wasn’t interested in sleeping with her new boyfriend, she was waiting. And, while this concept seemed to perturb the boyfriend and was a cause for discussion and a little ridicule with another character, when it came right down to it the decision was, “Somethings are just worth waiting for.”

For a short time I felt this beautiful vindication, even if the stance was not embraced, it was at least given some air time. But my jubilation was short lived.

In the very next episode, the hormone driven boyfriend decides he’s in love, after one month of dating, and proposes. The girl accepts, but later in the evening we find her in a back room kissing…another girl. So apparently, in the eyes of the media, the only reason for a girl not to jump into bed with her boyfriend is because she’s a lesbian! I am outraged, insulted, and a little grossed out.

I had to take a break from typing for just a minute because it would be far too easy just to keep going on about my feelings on this little “plot twist”. But rather than share my feelings, here are some facts.

Saving yourself for one person, in a committed marriage relationship isn’t just morally correct, it’s just plain intelligent. There are so many incredibly smart reasons not to sleep around, here are some of them.

1. Ok, we all know about STD’s like HIV, thanks to awkward commercials many of us know about herpes, and thanks to a ridiculous vaccine the government wants to shoot into your 11 year old daughter we now know about HPV. But do you know why the government had to come up with the HPV vac? It’s because a recent study showed that over 50% of sexually active college aged women had HPV. 50%. That means a guy goes to college and sleeps with two girls, statistically speaking it’s impossible for him to no come into contact with HPV. And HPV is only one of the over 25 known STD’s out there.

2. But what about that vaccination? The HPV vac that the government wants to make mandatory for our young girls is formulated to prevent the spread of 5 of the over 100 strains of HPV. Granted, they are 5 of the more “popular” and harmful strains, but giving your daughter a shot and telling her she’s now protected against HPV is a harmful lie. (Ps. Mothers: Please do some research on this vaccination before allowing your daughter to receive it. There is a lot about it that doesn’t make it into the fun TV commercials and promotional literature!)

3. What about condoms? Condoms protect what they cover, which isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Many of the most common STDs including HPV, herpes, and syphilis create lesions on skin in areas which may not be covered by a condom. Skin to skin contact with the infected area can lead to the spread of these diseases. That’s not to mention the roughly 16% of the time that there’s a condom “malfunction”… in that case you’re pretty much screwed.

4. Then there’s the whole unplanned pregnancy thing which is a whole other post.

5. Then there’s hormonal birth control. Did you know that doctors get a commission from pharmaceutics companies for every women they place on birth control for more than 3 years. So yeah, they’re going to tell it you it’s safe! They want you to pop it like candy because it means more money for them, never mind what it’s doing to your body.

5. Last, but certainly not least intimacy on that level is very, well, intimate! It’s made to bond two people together in a way that they are not bonded with anyone else. You start spreading that stuff around like it’s going out of style and not only do you have the high likelihood of one of the above problems happening, but you also cheapen the experience and hurt your ability to emotionally bond with someone in the future.

I realize that this line of thinking is not going to automatically go back to being the norm. I just wish the media would stop planting horrible thoughts into our young people’s minds that because a guy or a girl choose to make wise decisions about their health (not to mention honoring God) that there must be something off about them.

What does this show’s statement tell women? If you don’t willingly have sex with any guy you are dating they might think you’re a lesbian. Or worse yet, you might actually be lesbian!

What does this show’s statement tell men? The only reason a girl wouldn’t jump at the chance of sleeping with you is because she’s a lesbian.

No wonder our teens are MESSED UP! I work with young women and men everyday that are living proof that the way “everyone” does relationships nowadays is what’s broken and outdated.

There are some things that have so much value in and of themselves that it is in fact worth waiting for. People who take that stance may be in the minority, but then, intelligent people usually are.


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  1. jane white

    YOU GO GIRL !!!!

  2. Was that a pun at the end of point 3? :)

    • Abbie

      Haha, well, at first I was just writing it, but then I caught the pun and it made me laugh so I left it :)

  3. shaun o

    i like the way you thinking. many people dont wait and if you do wait made to feel like ou doing somthing worng or somthing is wrong with you. bu me i hope to wait till the one i care about comes along which is not the norm now adays but then who is normal! to many people dont wait and left to deal with the results of the actions even if it was good at the time!

  4. You forgot another reason. A lot of STD’s could lead to infertility!

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