Policies shmalicies

Policies shmalicies

I’m not a policy person, because frankly, I’m not a rule person. I’m not a rule person, because frankly, I think as adults we should all be mature enough to police (or policy) ourselves. Simply put, if we all followed the concept of doing unto other as we would have them do unto us, none of this would be an issue. The problem is that there are people who should know better that apparently don’t (or at least don’t do what they should know) and they ruin it for the rest of us.

I run into this often with both of my jobs, and even when the policies don’t apply to me I still find them annoying. I think the thing that annoys me the most is that it seems that the people who are generally considerate are the ones who get the bum end of the deal and the people that caused the issue in the first place ask for the most exceptions. More than once I’ve wanted to say, “You do realize that you’re the reason this policy was created, right?” (But I never say that. I have a love/hate relationship with how blunt I am in my head.)

But I think the biggest reason I dislike creating policies is that I then am required to enforce them, not my favorite thing. I hate being the one that has to go up to someone and say, “You know, this is the policy and this is what you’re doing, and it’s not the policy…” No one ever likes THAT person. So, I’d almost rather not have any policies and just let people be inconsiderate, mostly because I’ve found from experience that those who are considerate do so whether there’s a policy in place or not, just as people who are inconsiderate do so with or without the policy. It just seems like some people always consider themselves the exception to the rule. News flash, you are not the exception, you are the rule. (Name that movie) Sometimes I wonder if by creating policies and rules I don’t end up creating more work for myself in the long run. It’s something to consider.

So, sorry, this is a rant-y post, and I really try not to write them often because I would like my blog to be positive in nature. However, this is part of my reality, and as such, (hopefully a small) part of my blog.

But really, help me out here, any tips on talking to people about policies they are abusing? Any help would be appreciated.



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