Memorable dating moments

Memorable dating moments

-The one where he took me to see “Passion of the Christ” because he had free tickets. Very moving film, horrible first date choice.

-The one where he gave EVERY female who walked by the complete “head to toe and back again” look over. Wrong on so many levels.

-The one where he told me he believed that God was like the “Oracle” from the Matrix who can only see the future up until our next decision. Uh, no.

-The one where he tried to show off his Spanish speaking skills at a Mexican restaurant and no one (including the Mexican owners) could understand him, yet he persisted. I was embarrassed for him.

-The one where he ordered a shrimp appetizer for us to share no less than 3 minutes after I said that shrimp skeeves me out. Way to prove you weren’t listening or just don’t care. Both are bad.

-The one where he showed up at my front door and was introduced to my dad wearing a full length black trench coat. Not a good first impression.

-The one where I was speeding across Connecticut because I was terrified we wouldn’t get to the airport in time for him to board his flight home and he would have to stay longer. If I had gotten a ticket it would have been worth it.

-The one where he made me stand in the rain waiting because he insisted on opening my door. Contrary to his belief, not chivalrous.

-The one where he unexpectedly went to kiss my cheek, I moved and he got the side of my head. Awkward.

-The one where he told me he didn’t like Italian food…at that moment I knew it would never work out.

Alas, this is what I have to work with…


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  1. Love this post!

    1. THANKS!

  2. *gasp* Not.Like.Italian.Food? What? How? No way would that ever work out!
    These are hilarious! :)

    1. I know right! I mean, who in their right mind doesn't like Italian food! Well, I guess that's just it, he wasn't in his right mind...

  3. This was a joke .....right ?!

    1. I wish.

  4. "Where have all the good men gone" - sung to the tune of (actually I don't know the name of the song)
    no wonder you'r still single

    1. You're telling me!


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